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Make the Most of Your Travel Time and Budget

Don't stress about last minute meetings scheduled thousands of miles away or complicated travel to multiple international cities. At iFlyFirst, we handle all of your domestic and international flight details so that you can concentrate on your business. Whether you are a small business owner or employee of a large corporation, iFlyFirst's remarkable discounts on first class fares, business class tickets and last minute first class flights will save you thousands of dollars.

Corporate Accounts

Jetting away for international business meetings; vendor, supplier and sourcing visits; conferences and on-site assessments can be as easy as calling iFlyFirst. We thrive on finding the best, most efficient routes to get you where you need to go for business, while saving you thousands on first class fares and business class tickets. Even sudden travel issues enjoy our trademark service, diligent planning and unsurpassed discounts on last minute first class flights.
The skilled travel professionals at iFlyFirst carefully maintain a network of travel partners and resources that help us deliver the cheapest luxury flights available at the most convenient schedule. We work with a host of special VIPs, officials and large corporations, so we are well-equipped to handle any premium travel request, large or small.

Small Business

We understand that, as a small business owner, you are constantly bombarded with work issues that require your complete attention. Our skilled travel professionals excel at taking on all of your flight planning details so that you can travel to your domestic or international destinations as carefree and comfortable as possible. With iFlyFirst, there's no need for a business travel department or personal travel coordinator. We carefully customize your itinerary to provide you with the travel experience and schedule you need to make the most of your travel abroad. Whether you need an overnight flight to make an early afternoon meeting in Munich or a masterfully efficient flight schedule to Asia, we are here to deliver. Your time is valuable, so we provide you with exclusive CEO-treatment that includes complimentary limousine transfers within 30 miles of the airport. All of these services and thousands of dollars in savings are available to you through iFlyFirst.


Our professional travel consultants are available around the clock to handle all of your complicated travel issues, ever-changing itineraries and last minute flight needs. They are well-versed in the particular vagaries of corporate travel, and expertly strive to make your business travel efficient, successful and stress-free. Even if you encounter an issue in the middle of your trip, our travel professionals are at hand to provide you with last-minute itinerary changes. Our ultimate goal is to save you thousands of dollars on first class fares and business class tickets while saving you hours and hours of planning and travel time.

The iFlyFirst Difference

From small businesses to large, from limited budgets to unrestricted finances, organizations around the world rely on the expert luxury travel planning services of iFlyFirst. With our access to sensational deals, desirable routes, top airlines and the world's most popular business destinations, we provide premium flights that make the most of your budget and time. At iFlyFirst, your success in business is paramount, and we strive to offer you the cheapest first class fares, business class tickets and last minute first class flights around. That's the iFlyFirst difference.