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Magnificent palaces, gleaming towers and amazing forests welcome travelers to the enchanting Nordic land of Sweden. Make the long trek in comfortable splendor with affordable first class fares and business class seats from Travelers save thousands of dollars on premium flights to Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and other appealing Swedish destinations so that they can arrive in the country feeling rested and relaxed.

Viking Relics

Exhilarating cities and intriguing heritage sites fill Sweden with interesting Viking history. The Ingvar Runestones that commemorate Ingvar the Far-Traveled's final journey to Serkland are scattered throughout the country and create a delightful route to travel some of Sweden's less-frequented areas. 

Stunning Stockholm

Sweden's big cities are warm and congenial, historic and contemporary. Stockholm, the largest city in Sweden, is celebrated for its uncommon archipelago and immense beauty. Tourists revel in Stockholm's Old Town featuring the majestic Royal Palace, numerous museums, gorgeous Stockholm Cathedral and the medieval Riddarholmskyrkan church. Home to 24,000 islands, the archipelago brims with old silver mines, extraordinary forests and exceptional beaches.


Brilliant Gothenburg is marked by a charming, busy port and a sophisticated sensibility. Rousing music festivals, legendary Christmas celebrations and outstanding sporting tournaments fill the city with appealing cultural events. Family-friendly activities are at home in Stockholm, from theme park thrill rides and the Volvo factory Blue Train tours to exciting jaunts through the 17th century Skansen Kronan tower.


Known for its alluring churches and remarkable lakes, Jönköping is a nature lover's dream. The city rests on the shores of Vättern, Sweden's second largest lake. Lively beaches, glorious views and a spectacular "rosarium" park bounding with thousands of rose varieties offer hours of entertainment and reflection. 

A vibrant harbor pier is enticing with picturesque sail boats, delightful restaurants and the entrance to a nine-mile beach walk around Vättern.


Sweden's largest island is beautiful Gotland, replete with history and old world charm. Tourists revel in Gotland's historic Visby, a walled Hanseatic town from the 12th and 13th centuries. The old city walls contain the fascinating remnants of three main gates, the ruins of seven churches and three dozen towers. More than 90 medieval churches enhance the medieval Gotland, as do the attractive Stora Karlsö nature preserve and interesting coastal rock formations.

Luxury Excursion

Pampering retreats to Sweden deserve the indulgent service of first class fares and business class seats from While in Sweden, discerning tourists appreciate the country's unique cuisine, including the five Michelin-star restaurants in lovely Gothenburg. Uncommon activities offer extraordinary experiences ranging from lobster safaris, diving and sea kayaking in Kosterhavet to viewing competitive tennis matches at the Swedish Open in Båstad and caving at Lummelundagrottan. Lodging is sumptuous in Sweden, with an ice hotel in Jukkasjärv, a private islet on Lake Mälaren and a grand fortress hotel on Marstrand Island that attracts celebrities and wealthy patrons. 

The Experience

Skilled travel agents at specialize in creating impeccable flight itineraries for savvy travelers. Offering access to top airlines, exclusive airport lounges and incredible destinations around the world, plans dream journeys that are affordable and accessible. Let us help you design your own ultimate Scandinavian adventure. Call us today to find incredible deals on first class fares and business class seats to Sweden.

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