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Relax and let's knowledgeable travel professionals plan an impeccable flight itinerary for your Qatar adventure

Exotic and affluent, elegant and charismatic, the oil-rich state of Qatar welcomes all to its contemporary cities, magnificent beaches and azure seas. Indulge in the premiere accommodations of reduced first class tickets, business class seats and last minute first class deals from We save savvy travelers thousands of dollars on premium airfare while presenting some of the world's most refined flights to beautiful Doha and beyond.

Bustling Business and Tranquil Beaches

Flavored with remnants of its history under Bahraini, Ottoman and British rule, Qatar's gleaming capital city of Doha is an enchanting mixture of cultures. Doha and all of Qatar continue to host significant foreign populations to service its immense oil and natural gas resources and industries. As a result, Qatar offers an enchanting and welcoming spirit that is emblematic of the wealthiest country on earth.

Edged by the glistening turquoise water of Doha Bay, the capital city exudes affluence and sophistication, from exalted waterfront developments to lustrous skyscrapers. Broad streets and the enticing promenade, The Corniche, curve along the coastline, enhanced with swaying palm trees, public art, exquisite landscapes and dazzling towers designed in Moorish and modern styles.

Entrancing museums attract many to the capital city, including the sparkling white Museum of Islamic Art on serene Doha Bay. Featuring one of the world's preeminent collections of Islamic artifacts, visitors spend hours browsing the museum's countless historic manuscripts, textiles and ceramics. Tourists relish the chance to experience Qatar's culture on a more intimate level by strolling through the garment, spice and souvenir stalls in the enthralling traditional market, Souq Waqif. 

More customary Arabian experiences are found outside of Doha, in the country's interior and along its shores. About 25 miles southwest of Doha, a unique experience awaits in the country's towering and shifting dunes. Eerie and haunting, the Singing Sand Dunes fill the air with unusual and surreal notes, a product of the sand granules' shifting vibrations.

Continue south toward Saudi Arabia for more delights. Khor al Udeid, also known as the Inland Sea, is surrounded by undulating sand dunes and a unique saltwater haven. Desert safaris, camel riding, sand surfing and dune "bashing" are just a few of the area's bountiful activities.

Luxury Excursions

Make the long trek to Qatar in the refined comfort and sumptuous space of first class tickets, last minute first class flights and business class seats from Relax in the country's numerous prestigious resorts, savor elegant yacht cruises from Doha to the Palm Islands and relish the longest waterfront luxury retail walkway at The Pearl, Doha's Riviera Arabia. From sailing the azure Persian Gulf and teeing off at one-of-a-kind sand golf courses to marveling at the powerful Arabian horses at the Al Shaqab Emiri Stables and the Equestrian Club, Qatar presents incomparable luxury and refinement.

The Experience

Relax and let's knowledgeable travel professionals plan an impeccable flight itinerary for your Qatar adventure. Booking the most exclusive seats on the world's best airlines, offers flights filled with sophisticated pampering, gracious amenities and exclusive airport lounges. With all of the indulgent services available on our incredibly priced first class tickets and business class seats, you'll arrive in Qatar feeling rested, refreshed and ready to explore the exotic land.

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