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Colorful and contemporary, stark and historical, appealing Russia welcomes all to the extraordinary trip of a lifetime. Journey to the vast multi-cultural country in the lush comfort of's discounted first class tickets and business class fares. With affordable premium fares to exotic Russian cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi, smart travelers create excursions that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Diverse Cultures, Vast Lands

The immense size of Russia at 6.5 million square miles makes it the largest country in the world. It crosses nine time zones and spans countless terrain types, cultures and climates. The 10th century mixing of Slavic and Byzantine cultures created a country well-equipped to absorb other cultures over the course of its long history. As a result of the merging cultures and varied history, Russia is a study in distinctive architecture, vibrant innovation and captivating heritage sites.


Thriving and sophisticated, Moscow is influenced by its astonishingly rapid economic growth. A testimony to that expansion, Moscow is filled with gleaming skyscrapers, robust commercial and industrial centers and trendy entertainment districts. With enchanting appeal, these contemporary structures mingle with grand historic buildings and landmarks. Even with the new structures, the heart of the city remains legendary Red Square. There, colorful St. Basil's Cathedral presents its famed onion-shaped domes, and the majestic Kremlin and grand Lenin's Mausoleum add gravitas and importance to the landmark.

St. Petersburg

Vivacious performing arts centers and brilliant culinary and fine arts scenes establish St. Petersburg as the cultural heart of Russia. The Neva River winds sinuously through the city, bordering many of St. Petersburg's grandest buildings, including the Winter Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress and the Old St. Petersburg Stock Exchange.

Elsewhere in the city, stately religious buildings such as Church of the Savior on Blood, Kazan Cathedral and St. Isaac Cathedral enhance St. Petersburg's tremendous appeal.

Natural Wonders 

Abundant and picturesque mountain ranges, rivers and lakes offer breathtaking adventure and recreation. From cross-country skiing on Siberia's Lake Baikal and trekking around Kamchatka's geysers and active volcanoes to relaxing on amazing Black Sea beaches, Russia overflows with exciting activities amid glorious nature.

Luxury Excursions

Astute travelers make the long trip to Russia amid the splendor of first class tickets and business class fares, and they continue the pampering with world-class resorts and exhilarating, one-of-a-kind adventures. With 88,000 millionaires living in Russia, the options for high-end entertainment and accommodations are endless. Discerning travelers delight in private cruises on St. Petersburg canals and troika rides through the gardens of Pavlovsk Park. In Moscow, urbane tourists shop the upscale designer brands at GUM and TsUM shopping centers overlooking Red Square and relish nighttime performances at the Bolshoi Theater. Tours of medieval towns in The Golden Triangle and trips to the Millionaire's Fair to browse private jets, yachts and jewels offer additional entertainment.

The Experience's resourceful travel professionals meticulously coordinate every premium flight detail so that customers can relax and enjoy their Russian travels. We book deluxe flights on the world's top airlines and offer a host of travel and itinerary options. Above all, we delight in finding the very best deals available on luxury first class tickets and business class fares to Moscow.

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