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Relish the Artistry of Italy with Deals on Business Class Tickets and First Class Fares
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Lavish journeys to Italy begin with pampering flights from's discounted first class fares and business class tickets.

Spectacular architecture, dazzling art, vibrant commerce and breathtaking scenery combine to create the stunning country of Italy. Travel there in complete luxury with discount first class fares and business class tickets from Passengers save thousands of dollars on premium airfare and arrive in Italy feeling relaxed and ready to explore the country's bountiful amenities.

Gorgeous Italy rests on the Italian Peninsula, embraced by the azure Adriatic, Ionian and Mediterranean seas. Overflowing with amazing cities, charming villages and picturesque vineyards, Italy is a land of beauty and artistry.

Sophisticated Milan

The northern cosmopolitan city of Milan is a fashion lover's paradise, home to the exciting Milan Fashion Weeks, preeminent design houses and trendy boutiques of the Fashion Quadrangle. Couture isn't Milan's only artistic endeavor however. Magnificent architecture and famous art fill the legendary Duomo Square and other notable buildings throughout the city. 

Venerable Venice

The ancient cobbled streets of Venice present their own brand of remarkable fashion and artistry. The enticing old world appeal of Venice lies in its grand Doge's Palace, abundant canals and inviting bridges. Dazzling costumes, dramatic masks and sublime street theater roam the historic city's Carnivale festival, while fascinating Murano glass and Venetian mask workshops entice many. 

Tuscan Treasures

The renowned rolling hills, charming vineyards and extraordinary light of the Tuscany region are at the center of the peninsula. There, Florence brims with fabulous architecture and dozens of outstanding museums displaying countless masterpieces. From Michaelangelo's David to Botticelli's Birth of Venus, exhilarating paintings and statues throughout Florence are an art lover's dream.

Historic Rome

Both ancient and modern, Rome presides over the country from the center of the Mediterranean coast.

Built on its infamous seven hills, Rome is a treasure trove of history and art, from the Colosseum and Pantheon to Trevi Fountain and Castle Sant'Angelo. As one of the most important birthplaces of Western civilization, "The Eternal City" is a joy for travelers from all walks of life.

Sun-drenched Amalfi Coast

To the south, the Amalfi Coast teems with brilliant views from jagged cliffs and an ambiance of affluence. The home of limoncello and winding cliff roads, the Amalfi Coast encompasses many celebrated cities, including Positano, Scala and Ravello.

Luxury Excursions

Lavish journeys to Italy begin with pampering flights from's discounted first class fares and business class tickets. Those looking for a unique adventure continue the luxury once in Italy with a host of upscale pursuits and amenities. Savor the glamor of Milan Fashion Week, taste gourmet chocolates in Torino, host a special event in a castle or snap up an elite Italian sports car. Surrounded by oceans and filled with picturesque lakes and rivers, posh water activities abound. Yacht on the turquoise Mediterranean, cruise on beautiful Lake Como or revel in sunbathing on the Italian Riviera.

The Experience

Incomparable service is the hallmark of, from assistance with itineraries throughout your journey to accessing the world's best airlines. Our skilled travel professionals have extensive knowledge of international airports, favored routes and the keys to unlock brilliantly reduced airfare. With, every detail is important, and we dedicate ourselves to creating an impeccable journey for our clients. Call us today to book your sumptuous excursion with discount business class tickets and first class fares to Italy.

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