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Luscious first class seats, capacious business class flights and all of the pampering services that go along with them create the ultimate journey to gleaming Dubai.

Relish the affluent, progressive ambiance of cosmopolitan Dubai, where an engaging mix of contemporary sensibilities and Middle Eastern panache welcomes visitors. A trip to the Persian Gulf emirate is more memorable when made in the comfort of first class seats and business class flights from Our travelers save thousands of dollars on deluxe airfare and enjoy all of the upscale amenities of premium travel.

Grand Living

The lustrous, dramatic skyscrapers that line Dubai's wide boulevards attest to its economic strength, and they hint at the emirate's over-the-top approach to commerce and entertainment. The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, is the jewel of Dubai's downtown center and overlooks countless shops, entertainment venues and upscale hotels. At the Burj al Arab, visitors marvel at the opulence of the only seven-star hotel on earth. Built to resemble a billowing sail, the hotel is an iconic symbol of the emirate's wealth and artistry. 

True to Dubai's preference for colossal structures, the city features some of the biggest shopping centers in the world. The awe-inspiring Dubai Mall presents more than 1,000 shops, an ice rink, a world-class aquarium, a 22-screen cinema and more than 160 restaurants and cafes. An entertainment destination in its own right, the mall captivates shoppers with a dancing fountain that is the largest in the world with 1.5 million lumens of light and 500-foot-high water sprays choreographed to classical, Arabic and world music.

Riveting History

With Dubai's reputation as a glittering, contemporary oasis, it could be easy to overlook its enchanting historic sites and intriguing heritage. Those traditions and cultural relics entice visitors to the Dubai Museum's bountiful artifacts and exhibits, and the Jumeirah Mosque beautifully showcases the region's history, religion and culture. One of the largest mosques in the region, the mosque is recognizable for its brilliant white dome and fascinating Fatimid-styled minarets.

For a peek at how those customs have evolved over the years, visitor head to the old souk marketplaces that display traditional and contemporary wares, fine fabrics, local dishes and the gold for which it is famous.

In the outlying areas, visitors find similarly compelling sites that provide insight into Arabian history. In Deira, the 19th-century Burj Nahar watchtower once guarded the city as one of its three posts and stands today in a tranquil garden setting. In the nearby Hajjar Mountains, visitors explore the centuries-old culture at Hatta Heritage Village. Its mosque, fort, watchtower, and houses give a glimpse of Arab life in the 16th century.

Luxury Excursion

Luscious first class seats, capacious business class flights and all of the pampering services that go along with them create the ultimate journey to gleaming Dubai. Continue the luxury by staying in the emirate's many high-end, chic hotels and indulging in the city's numerous rejuvenating spas. Enjoy a round of world-class golf at Emirates Golf Club or The Montgomerie Golf Course, charter a lavish yacht for an Arabian Gulf cruise, enjoy a hot air balloon flight over the desert or savor an open-air dinner on the distant dunes. 

The Experience

As a leading high-end travel company, we provide superior service and the very best prices available for first-rate flights. Call us today to begin planning your very own unforgettable sojourn on incredible business class flights and first class seats to Dubai.

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