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How To Find Last Minute Deals with IFlyFirst

Discounted Airfares

Finding last minute flight deals doesn't have to be one of those hassles if you follow a few simple suggestions.

Sudden trips across the country or across the globe can be fraught with countless details. Clearing things at the office; finding someone to take care of animals, plants and children; rearranging appointments; packing and stopping mail delivery can pile stress upon more stress. Finding last minute flight deals doesn't have to be one of those hassles if you follow a few simple suggestions.

Heed Early Signs

Whether you are traveling suddenly to take care of urgent business issues or to deal with family emergencies, you may have a little forewarning of an impending emergency. If that's the case, take a quick look at Internet travel sites like ours to get an idea of what prices you can expect to pay for airfare.

Be Creative and Embrace Flexibility

Consider choosing alternate and less-popular airports, flight times and days. If you are flying into a large metropolitan area, look at other regional airports near your destination for greater savings. If you are leaving from the Los Angeles area, for example, check the rates for nearby airports such as John Wayne, Ontario, Bob Hope and Long Beach. Smaller, less popular airports may have greater last-minute availability and frequently enjoy lower fares than large, metropolitan airports. Do the same search for airports near your arrival city as well.

If you are willing to fly overnight or very early in the morning, you'll have a better chance of scoring lower last minute fares. Those early and late flights experience more frequent no-show ticket holders and late cancellations, thereby offering fertile ground for standby and last-minute fliers. For additional savings, add in a Saturday night stay and avoid the busy travel days of Monday and Friday if possible.

Treat Yourself

Consider using a reputable discounted luxury travel site like to book your last minute flights. Often, there is less difference between last minute coach fares and last minute first and business class flights. With a last minute first class fare, you'll shed the hassle of planning a flight and you'll gain a comfortable, sumptuous flight in the process. After all of the other details you'll have to coordinate to prepare for a last minute trip, you'll be ready for a little first class pampering. Give us a call the next time you face a sudden trip, and we'll be happy to help you find the very best last minute deals.

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